How to sight in a Trijicon RMR

It has been a few weeks since I started the Ultimate Personal Protection Pistol Project and it is about time that we started shooting the gun, but first it needs to be sighted in and the Trijicon RMR complicates the matter a bit.

First instead of 1 sight that needs to be sighted in, there are 2

Secondly the RMR is adjustable for both elevation and windage, where most irons come from the factory regulated for elevation. (Some guns like M&P’s are sensitive to ammo load and need either load development or sight work to adjust point of impact for elevations, Glock’s are note typically very sensitive to that.  This gun definitely isn’t).

Third, while it isn’t a necessity, if you are a little OCD you want them EXACTLY co-witnessed, even though you really can’t see either iron sight when shooting the dot.

Fourth, this is a sighting system you probably aren’t familiar with.

RMR First Shots

About a week ago I took the RMR to the range and sighted it in for the 1st time, here is the video…

Sighting in a Trijicon RMR

Sighting in an RMR is basically like sighting in a red dot on a rifle.

  1. Adjust the dot to be co-witnessed with the irons.  This won’t be perfect, but it will get you on paper.
  2. Shoot a 3 shot group from the distance you want it sighted in for.
  3. Use turn the adjustment dials to shift the point of impact.
  4. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

The differences for me come in the platform.

A benched or ground rifle has a very small wobble zone and a 3lb trigger doesn’t upset the sights much on 7lb rifle. A 2 lb pistol fired off-hand, with a new sight picture and 5lb trigger is “less consistent” and it may take a few groups to be happy with it.

In fact, I am still fine tuning it and will add witness marks to the sight after I am happy.

One thing that made this much easier than expected was the adjustment dials on the sight.

They are both clearly marked with direction and increment of adjustment and can be turned with a spent case. However, since they are flush I don’t believe that they will turn with use… that will become evident once the witness marks are added.

In a future post and maybe a podcast episode, I will discuss the mental challenges I have found learning the new sight picture.  Make sure you are subscribed to the blog so that you don’t miss that, it was one of those “Eureka moments” that will undoubtedly improve my shooting.

Also let me know what you think of the video in the comments.  I am hoping to add more multimedia content in the future.

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