One reason I don’t carry a government model 1911

Until very recently all real gunfighters and all gun writers carried a government model 1911 (5″ barrel) when they went jogging, took a shower, worked in the garden… whatever.

Over the past few years many trainers and gun writers have finally admitted to carrying smaller guns like j-frame’s, any number of polymer pistols and one of the better know media personalities even admits to carrying a .380 Ruger LCP.  Their reasons for carrying these smaller gun are as varied as their carry pistols and include weight, reliability, thickness, capacity, caliber, tactics, et cetera… but

  • With a good belt and holster the weight of a pistol doesn’t bother me too much, but I can see how a 41oz all steel gun could become a drag.
  • A cared for fighting 1911 should be as reliable as anything else.
  • A 1911 is considered a thin gun, thinner than my Glock anyway.
  • A 8 shot 1911 is a little low on capacity, but holds more BB’s than my PM9 or D-frame Colt
  • A .45 is a good cartridge and I have a 1911 in my preferred 9mm (although in a commander length)

One of the primary reasons I don’t carry a government model 1911 is the length of the slide.

Many experienced CCW’ers are thinking…

“That’s hog wash! You can dress around the gun or carry inside-the-waistband.”

True.  That isn’t the problem though.  I can easily conceal and carry a full size 1911, I just can’t draw one efficiently.  The reason for this became clear to me as I was thinking about the body mechanics that make some holsters better than others.

 I am an average sized guy at 5’9,”190lbs and wear size 32×32 jeans.  My issue is that I am nearly all leg, so even wearing low-rise jeans there is just not enough distance between my waist to clear my holster easily.  In the photos above, I am holding the gun’s as high as I can without bending to the left and a 5″ 1911 JUST clears my belt, but my carry Glock 19 and 4″ 1911′s have plenty of space.  To carry a full size 1911 I would need a race or drop holster.

In the past I have tried to equate the lengths of the barrel or slide to quantify what I like in a carry gun, but for me it is actually the length of the slide past the highest part of the grip.

Every-time I think critically about a piece of gear there is a ripple effect and I understand more about developing a good carry system.  Are there any body mechanics issues that you identified and found solutions to.  Let me know!

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