How to sight in a Trijicon RMR

It has been a few weeks since I started the Ultimate Personal Protection Pistol Project and it is about time that we started shooting the gun, but first it needs to be sighted in and the Trijicon RMR complicates the matter a bit. First instead of 1 sight that needs to be sighted in, there are 2 Secondly the … Read more

The depths of the “Shallow V”

There is one non-standard sighting system that has developed a solid following in the past few years that I just don’t understand… The “Express” sight. Before I get started I know that I am going to get responses like…You are biased against XS sights! I love mine!And I have 2 replies…Yes, Yes I am!Great, I’m glad … Read more

Why Sight Radius Matters!

When people start looking to purchase a new hand gun one of the considerations they look at is the sight radius, because “longer sight radius’s make the gun more accurate.” This isn’t actually true, a longer sight radius just makes the gun easier to shoot accurately. Let’s take a look at that…What is sight radius?The sight … Read more

What Do You Know About Sights?

In trending towards simplicity, I briefly discussed my change in sight preferences over time and I thought that concept deserved a little more discussion. Typically, I would make it a multi-part series starting with how to use sights, then discuss the different styles of sights, and things to consider when selecting sights… yada, yada, yada.  But … Read more

White light or Red?

The title of this post could easily refer a low power pack light to see up-close and not “ruin” you night vision, but it isn’t. I’ve been thinking about white weapon lights and lasers a lot lately (The reason will become more clear in the coming weeks), but it is at least due in part to … Read more

Are night sights a good thing?

When I got my carry permit, I felt very strongly about having night sights on all my carry pistols, but I have backed away from that position. Recently I asked a couple on Facebook to gauge the readers feeling towards them and got some interesting results. First I asked… Without a photo, each response I received was very … Read more

How to Focus a Rifle Scope Reticle

Is your scope’s reticle focused? Your eye may be compensating for a slightly out of focus reticle without you realizing. Aiming with even a slightly out of focus reticle will cause eyestrain and result in aiming errors. This is how to focus a rifle scope reticle.Is your riflescope’s reticle focused? You will surely notice if … Read more