Best Concealed Carry Guns: My Recommendations

Few days ago, I defined the 6 classes I mentally classify handguns into as… Deagle Class – This guns are identifiable by their gargantuan size, 6″ plus barrels and ability to handle a cartridge with an overall length greater than 1.5″ Competition Class – Typically guns in this class are within .25″ of 8.75” in length and 6” height. Service Weapon Class … Read more

Rifle Range Kit

Forgetting one simple item could ruin the relaxing session at the rifle range you had been looking forward to all week. It is especially frustrating if you had to travel some distance, it will be dark soon, bad weather is approaching, you won’t have another opportunity to sight-in before the season starts, or you’ll lose … Read more

When is the BEST TIME to Bag a BIG BUCK?

Best Time to Bag a BIG BUCK

I’ve been blessed to have hunted Idaho whitetails in late August, Wisconsin deer in mid-September, Texas bruisers in Decem­ber, Alabama bucks in January and deer at several other destinations in October and November.  And during the past 40 years, I’ve photographed whitetails in many locations throughout North America.  The take-away from my four-decade pursuit of … Read more