Print A Sight-In Target

You will need a sight-in target if you are going to the shooting range to sight-in your rifle. Try one of these sight-in targets. Select one according to the distance you want the bullet to impact above the point-of-aim (POA).

Many hunters prefer to have their bullets impact high while sighting-in at 100 yards so the scope is actually zeroed at a range beyond 100 yards. For example, a varmint hunter may want to sight-in a rifle chambered for .22-250 Remington 1.7 inches high at 100 yards so it is zeroed at 250 yards. The targets available on this page are designed to help sight-in high at 100 yards. They include concentric impact circles that are 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1+1/2 inches, and 2 inches in diameter. Select a target below with impact circles centered directly on the aiming point or select one with the center of the impact circles up to 3 inches above the aiming point depending on the trajectory of your ammunition. The various heights are available in 0.1-inch increments, so you will probably find one that suits the trajectory of your rifle. Not sure how high your ammunition should impact at 100 yards to achieve your desired zero distance? Visit the Trajectory Tables page on this website to view trajectory tables for common factory ammunition.

You can select a target with either black or red aiming brackets. Both types are exactly alike except the color of the brackets.

The aiming brackets of these targets are designed to accommodate scope reticles that subtend as little as 1/8-inch and up to 1 inch at 100 yards. Simply aim at the center of the aiming point and use whichever brackets fit the reticle closest. Depending on your scope's magnification and reticle subtension, either the brackets themselves or the white spaces between the brackets may fit the reticle best.

The grid lines are 1/4-inch apart to match the 1/4-inch windage and elevation click values at 100 yards of a typical riflescope. You can count the vertical and horizontal grid lines to the center of the impact circle or you can refer to the numbers near the edges of the target to determine the 1/4-clicks required to adjust the point-of-impact (POI) to the center of the impact circle. (Consider printing a duplicate copy of your sight-in target and keeping it at your shooting bench to plot bullet holes because, depending on the power of your spotting scope, you may not be able to see the grid lines from 100 yards.)

Blocks at the bottom of the target provide space to record information about your rifle, ammunition, and scope.

The targets available on this page are designed specifically for zeroing a rifle at 100 yards. Although they are less suitable for other distances, you can post them at whatever range works for you and shoot them with whatever you like. The scope click values will be different at any range closer or farther than 100 yards. Also, you may have difficulty distinguishing the aiming point with some scopes beyond 100 yards.

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