White light or Red?

The title of this post could easily refer a low power pack light to see up-close and not “ruin” you night vision, but it isn’t.

I’ve been thinking about white weapon lights and lasers a lot lately (The reason will become more clear in the coming weeks), but it is at least due in part to the Crimson Trace 3-gun Night Match, that I wasn’t invited to… maybe next year ;).  It could also be due to new laser/light guard & universal rail lights from the same Crimson Trace and a completely ridiculous post by Sherriff Jim Wilson.

You might recognize the guy that left the 2nd comment… and was called “Rob” in the 3rd???

In the past I have written extensively about having white light on a pistol.  I have discussed the issues with searching with it (but how to do it), white light discipline and how to ensure you aren’t splashed by your own light…  I like white lights on pistols!

In fairness to Sherriff Jim, I don’t have one on my carry pistols, but I have plans to rectify that when/if the light guard gets made for the M&P Shield and I acquire the new Universal mount light for my Glock.

Having a white light on a pistol is only bad thing if you want to shoot it in IDPA, there are no down sides, only advantages…

  • They allow for target identification (Good thing)
  • They don’t change your grip (Good thing)
  • They provide a rough sight index (Good thing)
  • They provide enough light to see the silhouette of your sights (Great thing)
  • They obscure a person’s view of you (Good thing)
  • And for Sherriff Jim… they add a bit of weight out front to reduce muzzle flip (It would be a good thing if I really thought it mattered)

Laser’s have their place too, but I am not as emphatic about them.

First, to really train using a laser you have to train yourself to not look at the front sight… I’m not a fan of that. Secondly, if you are looking at your sights you can’t see the laser and while it doesn’t hamper you, it isn’t doing any good either. Thirdly, any laser that is instinctive adds a little to your grip, and laser that doesn’t is worthless if you and in imminent danger. Lastly, and most importantly, it let you shoot at something when the light is too low to really identify it.

I do however really like laser on any pocketable gun.  J-frames, LCPs, P3AT’s et cetera.  Anything you would typically consider a belly gun, that has questionable sights to begin with, or is too small for most people to practice with… Lasers are awesome!

If you are carrying this size gun you are making the determination that your most likely treat is up-close and personal so target ID isn’t so important.  (The guy hitting your head on the ground is the threat, there is likely no-one you are unaware of between you and you don’t care what he is wearing)

My wife’s HD gun sports a laser because she won’t train and will look at the threat (it as a SF x300 on it too!)

For me, that represents the break.  Any gun larger than your pocket or you would wear on a belt would benefit from a white light any gun that fits in your pocket would benefit from a laser.

What do you think?  Have you ever considered it from this perspective?

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